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Posted on 2012.03.26 at 00:53
Current Mood: contentcontent
Went over to Sam's house for a late walk tonight as its my "friday".  Got to see Sadie, my baby rat (holy crap she is SO BIG now, growing fast).  I tried taking pics with my camera but she always moves so I have about 20 blurry pics XD not too mention its crappy inside lighting.  But when I was going through the pictures I found the most adorable shot, where she paused BRIEFLY and it timed perfectly with the camera and I got a great photo of her peeking out XD omg... its so fucking adorable. 

She's SO friendly, comes out to the door as soon as you come and likes to play.  Although I love her personality I wish she would be more still and let me love her more lolol.  She isnt a shoulder rat which I kinda wish she'd like more XD; oh well.

We headed out for our usual walk around the neighbourhood when I kept hearing the sea lions down by the harbour barking away.  Took awhile before she heard them too and didnt just think I was crazy, so we decided to head to the harbour.  The city after 9pm already feels like some post apocolyptic town where no cars or people are out.... but we usually at least walk down a street with lamps.  The route we took to the marina was pitch black with forest on either side and all these noises matched perfectly for our slasher movie imaginations XD

Once to the marina (Larry as we dubbed him/her) was barking away loudly again and we followed the sound hoping to spot him off in the distance.  We wandered down the pier onto the docks and were happily surprised to find that about 6-7 sea lions were swimming right by the dock a couple metres off.  So we stayed awhile watching them swim about until we were too cold and headed back.

Good night ^^


"What about everything!~"

Posted on 2012.01.07 at 13:34
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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Its really intriguing how certain things have specific memories attached to them.  How certain songs that you listened to a lot at a certain time will remind you about that time.
Im going through all of my youtube fave's trying to organize some playlists and coming across videos and songs that I forgot about but when I re-listened to them reminded me exactly of where I was at that time and how I was feeling.  A couple videos/songs in particular back from the first half of 2010 - I think that was a really good time frame for me where I remember being pretty happy.  I enjoyed my school, cosplay, where I lived, who I lived with~ 


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A quickie

Posted on 2011.09.14 at 00:08
Current Location: bed
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Florence - the machine
  • Carina came to visit me on the weekend and I showed her NATURE
  • Honeymoon period with my mother is officially over -_-
  • Nanaimo Tim Horton's still has chipoltle turkey sandwiches!  AND A NEW SUNDRIED TOMATO BAGEL!  So good T__T
  • I went for my second interview at SHAW (main provider of telecommunications in western Canada; internet, cable, home phones)
  • I got hired 10 min after my interview and start tomorrow morning as a customer service/sales rep! 8D
  • Ive been sleeping in my brothers old room (turned into the guest room) since I came home... we moved the bed over to my old room... feels weird being back in my old room for the first time in 2 years, but completely different as none of my possessions are the same or in the same spot as I used to have them.

Good night~


/Flips table

Posted on 2011.07.20 at 12:26
Current Mood: frustratedFIDOHATE
Uhg I just need to write this out somewhere I am so furious.  I am SO mad right now. 

Ive only had constant issues with the cell phone service FIDO since I switched to them two years ago.  They overcharge, their customer service is ridiculous and impossible to get (none of the in store staff can help you - you have to call their service line, which puts you on hold and does shit all).

I got a call for bill payments about a month ago, and said $170 will cover/pay off the remainder of my bill.  I checked my bill for this month and im being charged $400???!?!!!?!

I just called them now and the lady essentially told me that the guy I spoke with wasn't telling the truth and 'she wasnt sure why he would say that'. As the $400 charges are from my last 3 BILLS.  ......Omg im just getting even more angry writing this/being reminded.  

She says that there isnt anything she can do as they are "real charges" ive used but could transfer me to credit op who could help me if I couldnt repay it back now, and maybe wave any late fees... im pretty pissed off but say fine w/e.  

I get transferred to credit op who essentially proceeds to tell that the charges are because YOU picked the wrong plan, and YOU go over your limits and YOU need to pay attention more so this doesnt happen; and starts listing all the things Ive gone over (which arnt even true - like "YOU go over your text messages" uhhhhh I have unlimited texting?????) and then he just started going into the speel of "but I can hook you up with a new plan, not seen in stores or on the website that can help"

I was so beyond furious at that point and was about to just lose it >.<  So I told him that I was being transferred to him to receive help, not be belittled as a customer and just sold something else.  I said that perhaps I will call back in the future when I dont have to speak with him, as I am just getting even angrier and dont wish to continue speaking to him.  And hung up.

My contract is over in a month and there is no fucking way in hell that I will ever use FIDO again.



Posted on 2011.07.02 at 00:55
Current Location: couch
Current Mood: pleasedPatriotic
 Im a little late XD lol but I was out watching Fireworks~

Happy Canada Day!

lol this is old, so some of the ideas are a year overdue but, it gets the point across :P

annd obligatory (again):


This is my Vancouver

Posted on 2011.06.25 at 02:32
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Current Mood: soresore
Current Music: Ao no Exorcist soundtrack
 I actually meant to make this post the day after the riots... because as early as 3am the same morning, once all the drunken morons left downtown the 'real' Vancouverites were out cleaning the city and proving what this city is really all about.  I dont expect many of the news channels around the world show these images like how they showed the riots.

Although completely disgusted with some people who exist in society -  I was never embarrassed or ashamed of my City and it's people who were out in full force the next day cleaning up the city.

People wanted to show their thanks to the Vancouver Police and other personnel who had to work during the riot so they started to cover cop cars with posits and messages of thanks XD One cop on the news choked up as he said he assumed he would come out to see his cruiser busted up by post rioters instead he came out to see this

All the windows that were broken were covered up with plywood, and have become the source for a sort of 'message mural' or what locals are calling "the wall" that has been filled with messages of praise, apology, love etc  from the City's true fans.  I guess its also sort of becoming a tourist attraction ^^;;;  The Bay - the store which received a lot of damage and whose windows are the main wall; hosted a free pancake breakfast to show their thanks to the city for its support and outreach after.

I stumbled upon this page on tumblr where a cop responded to the "im sorry" letters streaming into the local newspapers from rioters. Now they are "sorry" after their photos are public and they are getting consequences. I very much approved of this cops reply (and there have been many more like this from nurses, firefighters etc) riot2011frontlines.tumblr.com/post/6860088383/please-stop-apologizing-a-police-officers-letter-to

I also came across video of my brother during the riot.  With the truck he tried to prevent from getting flipped over.  You see the crowd turning onto and beating one of the other guys who was on the ground trying to tell them off.  Im just thankful he really did get away without getting badly hurt.  He is the one in the long sleeve white shirt on the back of the pick up.  



And then they rioted... over Hockey......

Posted on 2011.06.16 at 01:36
Current Location: couch
Current Mood: scaredstunned
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This was my city tonight:

My brother took this, he lives right next to the Rodgers Arena (where the hockey games are) and he tried to save this truck from being destroyed, got a bottle to the face in the process.
....... even before the game ended, idiots were already causing mayhem in downtown.  There are rumours floating that someone tried to commit suicide over the loss, or that a Boston fan got pushed off 3 stories to their death.  These are all rumours at this point.  However there HAVE been casualties and the hospital downtown even went on lock-down not accepting anymore patients.

The Canucks lost a game, Vancouver lost its reputationCollapse )The Canucks lost a game, Vancouver lost its reputationCollapse )


Productivity = 0

Posted on 2011.05.16 at 20:35
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Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
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Ive had a headache for most of the day (and still do now) and had my first physio session since a week before SC.  So im pretty achey/sore right now and will prolly end up not doing anything today cosplay wise.  Im kinda in a 'la la la' land thinking that Fanime is... *next week* 0____0 ....I have pretty much *all* my cosplays to start/finish 8D  But im not too worried, none are really that complex and shouldnt give me too much trouble once I sit down and actually do them.

I posted over in DA but I guess I can post my schedule here as well 8D
FANIMUCollapse )


In real life news.... so nothing is really new on the school front other than I guess its kinda been decided (by outside means) that I wont be able to continue my education in another program. The only other program suitable would be VFS and thats just far out of my price range. Im going to just truck along/try to get an internship somewhere, and gain experience this way. Also focus more on my voice over now ^^


Anyone Driving to Fanime?

Posted on 2011.05.10 at 18:08
And owns a Katana I could borrow? XD;


Onto more pleasant things

Posted on 2011.05.09 at 15:40
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Current Mood: hungryhungry
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As mentioned I dont enjoy bringing myself and everyone around me down with negative emotions, so lets move onto something more pleasant.  I guess Ill do my actual SakuraCon recap.  I already posted a journal on my deviant art, which you can see here: http://canadianstrawberry.deviantart.com/journal/40298956/

This is all essentially going to be exactly the same XD; Just more extensive and bigger photos  just for those too lazy to check DA~ (ilu)

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